Overall patches

Norpparadio sells couple different overall patches. Impress your friends with these unique designs and collect them all! You can buy these from your friendly neighbourhood Norpparadio patch dealer. We now also offer mail orders, see more below.

Radio seal pup

Newest patch in the Norpparadio collection. For every patch sold Norppaviihde ry. will donate 2€ to the protection of Saimaa ringed seals

Price: 5€
Norpparadio supporter

Unique reflective patch for hardcore Norpparadio supporters. Colors on the glasses represent all guilds at LUT (except Lateksii, sorry about that)

Price: 5€
Norpparadio (Gray)

Official Norpparadio patch with gray headphones

Price: 2€
Norpparadio (Red)

Official Norpparadio patch with red headphones

Price: 2€

Mail orders

We now ship patches by mail! Postage fee is 1.5€, free shipping for orders with 10 patches or more. Unfortunately we only ship to Finland.

Here’s how ordering works:

  1. Decide which patches you want
  2. Contact contact@norpparadio.net, list which patches you want and your postal address
  3. You’ll receive payment instructions and we’ll send you patches