Hosting a show on Norpparadio

Have a idea for a great radio performance or just want to tell bad jokes with your friends? Great! Come to host a show on Norpparadio. We offer you a 2 hour slot (or longer if you really want to) of dedicated airtime, professional-ish studio, about a hundred listeners, and great the unique experience of hosting a radio show.

Playing music

Norpparadio has all the required licenses for playing music. The only restriction is that you have to own the music and have some kind of proof of purchase/ownership. This proof can simply be the original physical CD (burned CD’s are not allowed) or a email receipt in case of digital purchase. Of course you are allowed to play music that you have made yourself or music that is in public domain.

Norpparadio also has quite extensive collection of CD’s which you can use in your show free of charge.

If you have any questions about playing music, Norpparadio staff is eager to help you!


Norpparadio tries to provide a safe experience for all radio hosts and personnel. All hosts are to lightly clean the studio after their slot with provided equipment. We also recommend face masks if you are in the studio with persons you don’t personally know.

Read cleaning instructions here before your slot: Norpparadio covid instructions

Studio camera

There’s a webcam in the studio that send video to Norpparadio’s twitch channel ( If you feel uncomfortable having it on, you can place an object in front of it.


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